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Happy Tuesday!

I hope everything has been going smoothly. This summer may look quite different, but is still a great opportunity to recharge and practice some much-needed self-care.

As the school year comes to a close, I wanted to take some time to talk about how I track data! Tracking data can be overwhelming, and if you are considering adding new components, research over the summer is the best time to do it. For those of you who do not know me, I am currently a school social worker working with all students from early childhood through 8th grade! I am the only social worker in my district, and work between 2 buildings. I LOVE my job. Working with such a wide span of ages every day is very rewarding! But with that said, for me and I’m sure for many of you, efficiency is KEY. In my recent experience, evidence of services and data collection are becoming a large need and request. For the last several years, I have been experimenting with different types of data-tracking. I would collaborate with other counselors in and out of my district and surf Pinterest, but I felt as though I still wasn’t able to find something that worked best for me, and worked into my busy schedule. I also wanted many materials that all worked together as one system, complimenting each other, and increasing success. So, I started to make many of my own materials, and started using them all together. Every piece relates to the other pieces included, and I feel as though I have finally created a tested system that works for me.  All of those pieces are everything you will find in my kit, and MORE. I say more, because this kit also includes room for modification (as a bonus!) to tailor to your personal role. Most of the materials are editable, and I have included many different options throughout the kit. Why? Because we are all different. Our job title and what we studied may be similar, but our roles in our buildings may look very different, making what we need, DIFFERENT. I believe this is why it was difficult for me to find materials that worked best for me – our roles are not identical, and we need room to personalize what we use – making it what works best for US.

The Ultimate Data Tracking Kit currently includes 495 pages of tools to use with staff, with students, with student families, and help you keep records. One of the tools I love to use are the student task cards. They help hold students accountable for their goal as well, and help them responsibily work towards achieving them. I first created these for those with IEPs, but now I use them with every student on my caseload. Students select from different prompts on their cards each week related to their goal, which help you track progress and remind them what they are working towards. I have included a guide for this tool, which step-by-step helps you create your own prompts for your students. The guide also includes MANY pre-made prompts across several different topics to help you get started – just copy and paste!

Another tool I would like to highlight is the visual reminder cards included. There are 200 of them (100 in color, the same 100 in BW) across different categories. These cards are used during session. They have topics and editable cards to provide as a visual for the student. I color-coded these as well, and personally drew clipart for most as an added visual.

FORMS. I’ve got you covered there too! This kit includes digital and online tools, and printable/written forms. All digital tools utilize Google Drive (*Not familiar with Google Drive? Don’t worry, it’s free and I guide you through use 😊*). A few of the tools included are referral forms and tracking forms for time spent.  Some of the digital forms automatically track data, and some create charts to refer to. Other tools included are forms for full entry and exit from services, forms to track progress towards achieving objectives, observation forms, and forms that establish scheduled check-ins with teachers, staff, and students.  Plus, everything can be kept in a binder – and I included labels and organization directions to do so!

What I highlighted in this post are only a few things included in this kit. For the full list, to learn more, or purchase, click here! It’s listed for a very affordable price. I hope you enjoy it as much as myself, my students, their families, and my fellow co-workers do! Here’s to a great start to a new year. What are some other must-haves you use during the year? Leave them in the comments!  Know someone who might like this kit?  Share this post on social media like Facebook, or pin to Pinterest!



-a special thanks to my former colleague, Juliet, who helped create the digital time tracker-


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