How I Set Up a Social Work Page For My School Website

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to create a go-to place for social work information for students and families in my district. I thought about newsletters but didn’t want the commitment. I mean let’s be honest, sometimes things get crazy and time gets away from you! With the school year coming to a close, and students and families in need of social-emotional resources more than ever, I finally took the plunge and made a page for my school website – and I’m going to tell you all about it, including the virtual calm corners I created!

How I Created One

I set up my page by creating a Google Site – you can do this by going into your drive, selecting “create new,” “more,” then “Google Site.” Take some time messing around with the tools available. A Google Site enables you to do a lot of things such as embed videos and PDFs, just make sure you have permission to do that. Note: When you upload your own resources into your drive so they can be inserted onto your site, you will need to change the permissions for each one so others can have access.

What I Included

I currently work with EC-8th as the only social worker in my district, so I decided to sort the resources on my page into categories that made sense for different age levels. My page has 3 sections: PK-2nd, 3rd-5th, and 6th-8th. Each section has its own unique resources, including age-appropriate virtual calm corners.

The section I created for PK-2nd currently includes a virtual calm corner and themed home activity calendars – For families to use month-to-month or over the summer. 3rd-5th includes a virtual calm corner, home activity calendars, and resources for transitioning to middle school. Did you know there are videos that show students how to use a lock? Just embed it into your page! 6th-8th currently includes a virtual calm corner, home activity calendars, and tips for self-care. In addition to these sections, I also have different tabs at the top with an about me section, what I do, and parent resources – When it comes time to give presentations for Erin’s Law (safe and unsafe touch), an opt-out form and sample of material will be listed there. The parent resources tab also includes lists for outside counseling and financial help, as well as resources for COVID-19. I plan to add more to the site as time goes on and I assess what’s needed, but the reason I set it up right now was for the virtual calm corners – So let me tell you more about what they include!

Virtual Calm Corners

PK-2nd and 3rd-5th feature pictures of each category. Each picture is linked to a resource like a website, or another page on the Google Site with resources/videos embedded (perfect for keeping them on the page instead of taking them to YouTube if you prefer). 6th-8th features links instead of pictures for each category, but still exhibits the same idea of being directed to another website or page with embedded resources/videos.

PreK-2nd Categories:

  • Coloring (Crayola’s website with free coloring pages)
  • Yoga (Cosmic Kids YouTube channel)
  • Breathing (YouTube Belly Breathing, YouTube GoNoodle free video), embedded breathing exercise
  • Sounds and music (embedded videos of nature sounds, ocean sounds, rain, and relaxation music)
  • Mindfulness (embedded video of a sand timer and GoNoodle free video)
  • Movement (links to GoNoodle and the KidzBop YouTube channel)
  • Think sheets (my own embedded to print)
  • Calm jars (recipes for and embedded video of them)
  • Link to San Diego Zoo’s live animal cams

3rd-5th Categories:

  • List of coping skills (embedded list)
  • Mindfulness (embedded GoNoodle free video, Calm Classroom free video, and a kid relaxation YouTube video)
  • Breathing (embedded Calm Classroom free video and breathing exercises)
  • Sounds and music (embedded videos of nature sounds, ocean sounds, rain, and piano/flute music)
  • Movement (links to GoNoodle and the KidzBop YouTube channel)
  • Visual relaxation (embedded videos of an aquarium, tropical beach, and kaleidoscope; link to San Diego Zoo live animal cams)
  • Coloring (link to Just Color Kids website)
  • Calm jars (recipes for and embedded video of them)

6th-8th Categories:

  • Mindfulness activities (written exercises and embedded videos of mindful eating, guided 10 minute meditation, and free Calm Classroom video)
  • Visual relaxation (link to San Diego Zoo live animal cams and embedded videos of an aquarium, glitter tunnel, and snow falling)
  • Yoga (embedded yoga for teens video)
  • Guided breathing (embedded breathing exercise videos)
  • List of coping skills
  • Coloring and calligraphy (links to a mandala website)
  • Sounds and music (embedded videos of nature sounds, ocean, piano, rain and thunder, harp, guitar, meditation music, and rainforest)
  • List of positive affirmations (my own printable list embedded)

I hope you found these tips helpful and would love to hear what else you may have decided to include on your site!

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  1. Sally
    August 24, 2021 / 12:10 am

    This is a tremendous motivator for me! I recently had to move offices and am now living in a much smaller space with too much leftover unused paper resources which has pushed me to try being more digital. Seeing what it looks like is helpful. THANK YOU

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