8 Books About Bullying

Books about bullying

It can be difficult to find books about bullying. There are many out there that feature an example of bullying or teasing but do not focus on it throughout the whole book. It’s also important to me that the book I am using portrays bullying correctly. Very often students claim someone was bullying them, but really the teasing was a one-time occurrence, a misunderstanding, or something that happened on accident. Below are 8 books about bullying that I use and recommend for Prek-5th.

I love this book for teaching bullying to little ones.  It’s about a bullybug who tries to eat baby bugs.  Throughout the book, different parts of the bullybug are revealed, including mean green eyes, pinchers, and scratchers.  I made a felt version of the bug and with each page, I take volunteers to attach the body parts.  They love when I pretend to pinch or tickle the air and we so much fun.  In the end, someone comes and saves the baby bugs, telling the bullybug not to come back.  This is a great book for vaguely introducing the idea of bullying.  I would recommend this book for Prek-K.

This is another great book for the little ones.  It explains bullying with colors and numbers, with the idea that it only takes one to stand up to it.  When the bully wants to re-join the others at the end, he is given another chance.  It’s easy to follow and introduces the idea of always telling someone to stop if they are being mean.  I would recommend this book for PreK-K.

This book explains bullying with a rhyming pattern and is more detailed than the previous ones.  Gilroy the goat is mean to everyone throughout the book.  Finally, the animals get together and tell him to stop.  The book explains other ways to handle a bully as well.  Sometimes it can be hard to explain bullying to younger students, but this book defines it in a simple and accurate way.  I would recommend this book for PreK-K.

I love reading this book!  The language used is fun and always keeps my students engaged.  When a bully tries to control recess, no one dares stand up to her.  Until a new student comes.  This book does a great job of showing how one person standing up can make a huge difference.  It gives a different kind of strategy for handling a bully as well.  I would recommend this book for K-2nd.

I love this book for accepting others and their differences.  Chrysanthemum has always loved her name and thought it was perfect until she starts school.  When the other kids begin teasing her, she wishes she could change it.  Until her music teacher overhears and offers a different perspective.  I would recommend this book for K-2nd.

This is a great book for building classroom community.  When a new student comes to school, he threatens the community the students have built.  They had even agreed on a class promise, to care for each other and their classroom.  His behavior challenges the other students, but after an act of kindness, he sees things in a new light.  If needed, this book offers a great opportunity for a classroom to create their own promise or rules.  I would recommend this book for 1st-4th.

If you are looking for something more about relational aggression, this is a great choice.  It follows a girl who is being manipulated and isolated from her peers.  An old friend has suddenly started treating her differently, and when she tries to work it out, things only get worse.  It’s not until she talks to her mom and role-plays how to stand up to her that things finally change.  This book also includes the message that friends who treat others that way are not true friends, something that can be hard to grasp and accept with upper elementary-aged students.  I would recommend this book for 3rd-5th.  

This series is also great for talking about relational aggression. It features all 3 sides – the person bullying and manipulating, the person being picked on, and the friend who is afraid they will become a target if they don’t go along with the bully. This series is easy to relate to and gives great examples. It has a more current feel than the previous book. I would recommend this series for 3rd-5th.

I hope you found these recommendations helpful! What other books do you use when teaching bullying prevention?

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